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  • Are wax melts safe to burn?
    Our wax melts are made from 100% soya which means they do not give out any toxic fumes like in paraffin wax. We only use cosmetic grade dyes and sparkles which are all biodegradable meaning they are kind to our environment. All of our perfume oils are clearly labelled with care instructions as per CLP guidelines. Wax melts should only be used with a wax burner, either electric or with a tea light underneath and should never be used on a naked flame.
  • When will I receive my order?
    As all products are handmade to order, we aim to post your order within 5 business days of your order onfirmation. All orders are sent first class with Royal Mail.
  • Can I use an electric burner?
    Yes. You may however notice that the scent throw is not quite as powerful when using an electric burner to one with a tealight.
  • How much wax should I melt at a time?
    This is down to personal preference. Our wax melts have a very strong scent throw so one square may be sufficient, however if you prefer your scent to pack a punch then 2 or 3 squares could be used.
  • How many times can I melt the same wax?
    This depends on how long your burn it for. The scent will begin to depreciate over time and continuous heat. We like to burn for a few hours for two evenings before changing our melt.
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